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Eric Mangini is the current Cleveland Brown's coach and he once said that "He was going to take the Browns to the Super Bowl." While this is never going to happen it has become a popular euphemism for dropping a duece. It also provides a nice cover when talking around girls as they do not typically know who eric mangini is.
Guy 1: Bro i got to pull a mangini if you know what i mean.

Guy 2: Ya i got ya

Girl 1: What does that mean?

Guy 1: shhhh, go make me a sandwhich.
by BeavertonBeaver69 January 01, 2011
Basically the best high school ever. Everybody in the metro league dreams of being a Beaverton Beaver and we welcome all transfers...except jesbos.
Aloha Asshole: im thinking about transferring to Beaverton High School.

Sunset Slut: no way me too!

Beaverton Beaver: Do it, the first row of our student section has more spirit than your entire school, you will be happy here.
by BeavertonBeaver69 December 09, 2010

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