The vicious separation of the testicles due to tight black leather pants that lace up on the side. When you are adorned with maneltoe it may seem that an excess of people are staring at your 'nether-regions'..mainly because they are. There are generally two responses you get when you have maneltoe: People who are grossed out and people who LOVE your maneltoe! When surrounded by a group of strangers start chanting MANELTOE at the top of your lungs. Others will chime in.
Brent Smith from Shinedown is adorned with glorious maneltoe.
by Maneltoe Lover October 08, 2006
Top Definition
The male version of the female "camel toe," an affliction caused when male junk becomes trapped in the confines of tight and often thin pants.
Uuggg... I just saw the worst case of manel toe at the gym, this old guy was wearing spandex and his shorts were totally snacking on his man meat.
by justsaynotomantoe October 30, 2007
Camel toe displayed by a man. While disgusting at any age, becomes increasingly common as a man ages and his desired beltline rises.
My boss wears his pants so high he has man-el toe every day.
by Buckshot_ben June 29, 2009
When a man wears tight pants, and his parts are showing, it is called a maneltoe. (cameltoe for a guy)
Pronounced: man-el-toe
guy1: hey, did you see the size of that guys maneltoe?
guy2: yeah, his pants were way too tight.
by Jr273 October 18, 2008
n. An unsightly, somewhat uncomfortable-looking outline given to a man's genitals when housed in pants or jeans that are two to three sizes too small, commonly found in the Midwest and South.
Hope he's not wanting to have kids with a maneltoe like that.
by samhain79 March 22, 2006
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