(n) Mand is a sexist term used to describe masculine hands on non-masculine people, such as some women.

Man hand blended becomes mand.
1. She held me firm in her mands.
2. she slapped me in the face with her enormous mand and broke my jaw.
3. Chandler broke up with her because she had mands.
4. I stabbed her in the mand with my spork, because she gave the last of the dijonaise to the puggle.

by lorol December 06, 2007
A girl from notre dame who has naturally blonde hair and is suppa fine. She is such a pimp she gets all the fellas and shes like wicked funny but ill admit she does have her blonde moments.
OMG Did you guys know pop tarts are supposed to go in the toaster?...umm ya

I loved the little one MELLY.. u mean ruthie?
by Amandamillerfan4lyffe January 22, 2005
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