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Dramatic behavior shown my a man in a relationship of some sort. Usually portrayed in a feminine, erratic way. The behavior causes most women to be completely turned off and often results in a break-up if the relationship hasn't already been terminated.
"During our break-up my ex's mandrama was apparent when he said, You stupid bitch! Can't you see I love you? To make matters worse, you didn't even notice my new haircut!"
by efab November 15, 2006
Drama arrived from a dude.
Paul talks crap about Ed all the time, he sure does like to cause man drama
by BGWHZY September 17, 2010
A genre of film, literature, and TV shows that depict men as having a savior, holier-than-thou, god-complex. Typically, he will be the last surviving human.
I can't stand, I Am Legend--talk about some mandrama! Of course he has to choose between saving the world and saving his family, including his side-kick dog (and of course it's a female dog--i.e., bitch). And, as you know, mandrama dictates--only males are super human who can fight the good fight for species survival and greater good, and ain't nobody got time for that!
by downtownllama February 26, 2015
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