A city north of New Orleans. Home of Fontainebleau High and Mandeville High. Also a boring place to be.
Blake: "What are you doing tonight?"
Jesse: "I think Im going to the lake front in Mandeville"
Blanke: "Mannn, thats some lame"
by coco_fosho November 19, 2008
Top Definition
A place full of extremely neo-conservative, rich, white people.
"You honestly think there's going to be one voter for Barack Obama in Mandeville?"
by R-NASTY October 05, 2008
Boring, white and republican.
Blake: You wanna go party in Mandeville.
Willis: Where?
Blake: ....................let's just go to New Orleans.
by NEWorleans July 21, 2011
White suburbia. Home of soccer moms, cheer camp, LSU man caves, deisel truck driving dads, Louis Vuitton handbags and everyone owns a boat and a luxury car. Not the place for nightlife unless you have a DD. Cops stake out the bars and hide in the bushes. Mandyland. Northshore snobs.
Where do you live? In Mandeville. Oh, you are a Northshore snob!
by Rere March 03, 2015
a place full of heavy metal loving person(s) who suffer(s) from downs syndrome
like in fucking mandeville
by Jesus Jones August 03, 2003
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