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to make one a mandem; metamorphosis of a pussdem into a mandem; the act of taking a softy into a group of serious mandems, showing said softy the ways of serious mandems (ie. hardness, art of posting, art of juicing, science of reaching tings) thereby turning said softy into a mandem and recognising him as a mandem
origin: Suburban Toronto, invented by clique of dirty serbs and polaks who have nothing better to do in between bouts of drinking than making up stupid words
" Jim, you seriously need to get mandemise , you fucking pussy"

" If you had gotten your mandemisation when you were fourteen, imagine how cool you would be now"

" Maybe if I got mandemise by that gang, I wouldnt get my ass kicked so much"

" we need to take spisak out so he can get mandemised"
by Paul Koscielny November 14, 2006
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