man sandals excluding flip flops ie: birkenstocks, tevas
guys should wear sneakers, not mandals!

it's december, why's he rockin' mandals?
by vrock123 November 20, 2005
a pair if open-toed shoes for men.
either flip-flops or sandals
hey jeffy i like your mandals.

oh, did you see that guys mandals??
by sam_facts :) August 25, 2009
a sandal worn by both men and women that are butch
you can see toms toe hairs through his mandals
by better off April 19, 2006
(worn by athletes) mandals are slide on sports sandals worn with socks. If you dont wear socks they are not mandals they are sandals.
socks+ slip on sandals= mandals
by efdor July 22, 2011
mandals are an evolution of manboots, genetically adapted for warmer climates and rebel hippies who don't mind wearing leather footwear. mandals have the sturdy sole of the manboot, the durable leather upper and side coverings, and sometimes a steel shank in the mid sole for extra stonelike stepping manliness. mandals are for the few not the many, not everyone can pull the look off. some will look foolish. others will look so natural in them that no other footwear is even conceivable for them.
mandals are only cool on acidhead stoner drop outs who look and act just like jesus christ or che guevara. every other guy, no.

when brad pitt has long hair and long wild beard and mustache, he could pull of mandals very well. but without that - probably not so well.
by theholymandals November 21, 2011
When a dude who is wearing sandals is also simultaneously wearing socks, defeating the purpose of wearing sandals in the first place. Often worn by meatheads, shoobies, and jocks. Not a good look for guys.
Person A: Ew, look at all the mandals crowding up the boardwalk!

Person B: Anybody who wears mandals just looks like a douchebag.
by MimzilyMadness February 15, 2010
When guys where sandals exsposing thier feet EVERYWHERE. Man sandals are accompanied by cargo shorts and probably a polo shirt from Abercrombie/AE/Hollister. They are most often white guys and are always douchbags. They are often accompanied by girl to stupid to realise that these guys only ever where sandals.
So this group of mandals just got done playing a pickup football game outside, and all had to play in bare feet because you cant run in flip flops.
by Aj Dileo June 24, 2007

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