n. A male who is on their way to becoming a man, but still too young to be considered one. Usually at or between the ages of 10 to 15, give or take a couple years depending on maturity.
My little brother is growing up, but he's still just a man-cub.
by Suzuka December 14, 2009
Top Definition
a man who is at least 7 years younger than the person he is dating and or engaging in a relationship.
"I'm 33 and I am dating a 24 yr. old. I call him my mancub."
by 1brazilnut January 04, 2008
a young male that dates older woman aka cougar.
Ashton Kutcher is a man cub because he is with Demi Moore(a cougar).
by jen318 July 17, 2008
A male child that does something or resembles a grown man in either action or appearance.
"Look at him in those skinny jeans, he's such a man-cub!"
by SMGD October 12, 2011
A short, attractive male.
"Girls, check that one out. He's like 5'2" but he's a total man cub!"
by Otthild August 13, 2014
Someone who is big, but looks kind of weak.
Hey did you see that fat guy kick the shit out of that muscle bounded guy?

Yeah man, he must be a mancub.
by keahi52 February 17, 2009
Young black male, very ashy in appearance. Constantly in mind set Black. Looks weak and helpless like a baby seal being attacked by a shark. Attached to the pocket of Christopher Carlson.

Synonyms include: weak bitch, Boycalf

Scott, Justin Scott, Mancub, weak bitch, Boycalf, manatee
by Millhaus December 11, 2006
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