A shock-jock from chicago's own Q 101
I listen to mancow every morning.
by FRO December 15, 2004
Top Definition
half man half cow legend of bates college/bridgewater, ma.
mancow is absolutely crushin beers.
by bunty December 22, 2007
Insincere Howard Stern rip-off artist/publicity whore.
Currently getting less than stellar ratings on Q101 Radio in Chicago, despite what his PR people may tell you.
Plays a conservative on Fox News Channel.
Marries for publicity. Trying desperately to get on the air via syndication in other major cities and failing miserably.
Mancow owes his entire career to Howard Stern.
by Dougie Stylz May 28, 2005
a fat girl who is so fucking ugly that she looks like a man. often is unaware of this fact and may or may not whore herself on myspace.
ew, did you see that guys girlfriend? MAN COW!

"you're a man cow you go mooo foooodd"
by drunkballerina4 May 24, 2006
adj. used to describe humor that is insipid, banal, passé, and tired.
Yes, ha, ha, ha. We know. We get it. Dude, shut your mancow mouth already.
by T. Spangler September 27, 2005
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