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Attempting in vain to remove dirt. You just put the breadcrumbs under the carpet, leaving it all as dirty as before.
Example 1

Karl: Dude, I'm sorry, cannot go out tonite, my mom wants me to clean up my room.

Bob: So what? Just manclean it.

Karl: Nice idea bro! I'll be out in five minutes!

Example 2

Single men have no idea of what real cleaning is. They just manclean.
by Big Ruler March 21, 2012
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Any item which has been cleaned in sink by a man or boy leaving a film and or a chunky residue on those items.
My wife was bitching about all the crap on the dishes. I said if you dont like them "Man Clean" you can do it yourself.
by GFE4U August 16, 2008
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