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sit on a girls face, stretch your butthole over her nose, drop ur balls and dick in her mouth, then piss and fart at the same time.
She was bein such a ho, so i gave her a manchurian gasmask and that shut her up.
by S-juice September 16, 2005
33 15

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When a human of male genitalia precedes to insert the testacies into the mouth, while simultaneously encompassing the victim's nose with one's rectum cavity, and finally proceeds to let off a stinky fart.
After seeing Tim Allen in 'Christmas with the Kranks', it would be awesome to sneak into his house while he's sound asleep, then MANCHURIAN GASMASK him... but that would suck if he bit off your balls.
by Conor McGill April 12, 2006
9 14