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Half man, half bear, half awesome. The rumored spawn of Babe Ruth and the mythical beast manbearpig, Yasiel Puig roams the outfield catching fly balls and punishing those arrogant enough to challange the cannon known as his right arm. When at bat, Puig strikes fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers as his bat speed is only matched by his lightning fast home run trot. The world is unsure how long Puig's shadow will hang over the game in Dodgerland, but for now, the legend persists in Southern California... dining off of opposing pitchers.
Manbearpuig just hit another homerun... Not even surprised anymore.
by Ronaldthewonderdog June 07, 2013
Refer to #1. I'm SUPER, DUPER, CEREAL!!!!
MANBEARPUIG is a threat to the MLB. He cannot be stopped. I'm cereal.
by RustyBurns July 08, 2013

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