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The ability of executives, supervisors, or members of management to attract female employees ranked below them simply by being their superiors.
Grant: Did you see that smokin' hot intern Brian hooked up with?

Jim: Yah. Brian's the boss. He's got the manager stick.
by The JIC January 07, 2007
A small plastic stick that upper management will carry around if they work in a job that requires a lot of cleaning/janitorial work. The stick is ineffective but looks impressive. They only can use it to grab small pieces of trash. Much less useful than a broom or a dustpan.

It is a way for upper management to claim they are "working with the employees" but doesn't make them do much work.
When I see the general manager wielding his manager stick, I wonder how many other people can see through the facade.
by Name-42 May 24, 2012
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