The three dude version of a man-date
"Dude can you go to the movie? Right now, it's only Kyle and I, and I'd prefer a manage-a-trois over a man-date any day"
by trivea April 25, 2012
Top Definition
A 'French' term typically defining a sexual liason between three persons, involving three people engaged in sexual intimacy or sexual congress. Three people having sexual relations with one another either randomly, such as on a one-time occassion, or regularly as long-term lovers. Three people having sex together, typically at the same time in the same bed.
A favorite fantasy of men- that of being in bed with two women instead of just one- but women also imagine bedding for sexual purposes with two men. Such is also known well enough between three lesbian women, or between three homosexual men. As long as three people are intimately/sexually involved, it is a 'manage-a-trois'.
by Jonathan Rich November 30, 2007
A sexual encounter involving three willing participants, preferably two women and one man, though two men and one woman still fits the definition, it's kinda gay.
Lisa, find out if your friend Monica is up for a manage-a-trois with us tomorrow night. I'll bring the whipped cream!
by Jingo888 November 26, 2007
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