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Pronounced 'manage-a-trois', manage-a-blah is useless or ridiculous phrases used to explain an idea when simple, rational language could have been used instead. Manage-a-blah is not to be confused with managerspeak, but is closely related. Whereas managerspeak is typically complete bullshit, manage-a-blah is usually translated into something meaningful. It should be noted the best translators of manage-a-blah are often the most cynical and lazy employees (or simply put, the ones that have been there the longest). It should also be noted that manage-a-blah can qualify for management bingo.
Boss: Hey folks, we're not trying to boil the ocean here.
Bill (to Fred): What the fuck did the boss just say?
Fred: Oh, the boss means "let's not try to solve all the problems at once". It's just the boss's usual manage-a-blah.

Boss: Well let's run that up the flag pole and see who salutes it.
Bill (to Fred): Holy shit, I think the boss just did it again. What the fuck was that?
Fred: The boss would like to see what other people think of his/her thought-lacking, crappy idea. Yet another case of manage-a-blah.
by out_for_a_wile August 20, 2009
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