A man who is so obese he can be imagined to be a storage of food, or a "cave" of food.
Those man caves on the telly have a show called "man caves"
by Miller July 23, 2009
A place where faggots go to find solitude. Usually decorated in a sports theme with other supposed manly items.
Homo: Hey Jeff you won't believe what I just bought for my man cave.

Jeff: Get the fuck away from me faggot.
by beerbarbq August 10, 2009
a derogatory term for the vagina
she let me stick it in her man cave
by henry's balls October 01, 2007
slang. Refers to the anus of a gay or straight man.
Hey Phil, come here and let me put this in your man cave!
by louis February 21, 2005

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