What a hermaphrodite calls his vagina.
"I like to call it my man cave," he/she said.
by proteus March 08, 2014
I would guess that this would be a puerile diversion that is a temporary regression to the psychosexual stage of development known as latency (the ages between 5 or 6 to the time of pimples and interest in girls) with the upper middle class and above. You would need a house with space for a possible knockabout mannish place where lace is not allowed.
This would offer a respite from events that are stressful and jettison to a time when the demands of adulthood morph to the days you hung signs on clubhouses, " No Grils Aloud."
Hunter threw Sissy out of the man cave when she came in to quiet down the ruckus of Brady's last touchdown pass"
by redrum67 December 28, 2013
The act of putting ones head in a womens vigina immediately after women have given birth. (Head must pass the labia majora) a.k.a mancaving
Yo dude. Want to go mancave at the hospital?
by spladunker February 11, 2013
A place where just men go and do manly things without any females around

A cavity where men probe other men sexually for gay pleasures impossible to achieve with a woman (no penis)
Me and my pals are gonna drink some brewskis, watch the game on the big screen, eat a bunch of greasy fried food and finish off the evening with an excellent girl-on-girl porn video in my deluxe, pimped out man cave

Me and my pals are gonna drink some brewskis, watch male asses during the game, eat a bunch of quiche and finish up the evening by blowing loads in each others' man cave
by Bim Jeam March 02, 2012
a man's anus, specifically his asshole
I saw your dad's man-cave while he was sun bathing nude
by John Genovese October 12, 2007
It's a way of life
-little boys get killed in the mancave
-it gets cold in the mancave
-you be is that jit boy
-that's mancave
-mancave karnage
-maximum awsomeness mancave
-I want to pee in your butt
-no meatwallets in the mancave
-mancave for life
by Mancave August 19, 2008
The devision between the breasts. Otherwise known as cleavage, but more cave like and mysterious.
Kristins mancave was uncharted for many years until the adventurous Conor explored it and found many wonders
by Chelan09 June 14, 2009
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