A toilet or bathroom designed or used specifically or mostly for males. Usually adjacent to, or near, the garage, workshop, games room. Likely equipped with a urinal, large capacity toilet, magazine rack, and possibly a shower stall (not a bathtub) or tv, music, or speakers.
I needed some time away from the wife, so I went to have a sit-down and read in the man can.
by MikeLowreyRules January 17, 2012
Top Definition
A term or description used to express that a man has large flabby droopy saggy flappy pectoral muscles that typically found on a fat person.
HAHA he's got man cans!
by Robert Kahn May 18, 2005
A bigger then normal size beer. Usually domestic.
Man, Bobby just chugged a man can for 3 bucks!
by Miklus March 20, 2006
Any 24 Oz can of beer, usually domestic, not to be confused with a "tall boy", a 16 oz can of beer. A man can is bigger in both diameter and height, and a tall boy is the diameter of a normal 12 oz can but taller.
A man can is any 24 oz can of budeweiser, miller lite, bud light, etc.
by redvern May 12, 2009
Very Simple: Men with Breasts or Boobs usually cretaed by being overweight. ALso, now a marketing campaign for a softdrink. www.mancans.com.au
Nice mancans - you got bigger tits then my girlfriend!!
by Musrag September 20, 2008
refering to a large man with breasts
look at that fat guys mancans
by shadyjnr November 23, 2007
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