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A physical human wall of guys used to protect yourself from strippers approaching you at a strip club. By strategically placing your self inside this wall of men, you form a barrier. This is the typical approach by committed men so they can feel good about telling their significant others that 'were having a blast, we're two hours outside of wine country honey.'
Russ: What are you going to tell Katie when we go to the strip club?
Larry: It is all good. I'm going to get behind the man wall and tell her I am two hours outside of wine country.
by 1337c0d3d00d March 08, 2012
i.e. a wall made of men
when, at a party, a line of tall and mouthwatering men cluster around each other creating the illusion of a wall made out of men. often seen around beer pong tables.
a: look at all those hot guys over there
b: yeah i totally cant see through that manwall!

a: can you see who's winning the beer pong game?
b: nah i can't see a thing past this manwall over here
by sunburnt sally August 25, 2009
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