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food or beverage (mostly beer) that has come into contact with some form of trash or trash residue, such as the bottom of a trash can, to form a new taste and substance, yet it is still delicious.
the keg was broken, so we had to dump the beer into an empty trash can, which formed a new stew of beer, like.... a man stew

a.k.a. man soda
by AustinIg February 02, 2008
v. man stewed, men stew·ing, man stews

A dish prepared by stewing a mixture of man meat, generally hot, fit, athletic (gay) men with stock, in a hot tub.
The result is a tub full of ready-to-be-taken hot bodied men thoroughly soaked in each others juices, or man chowder which is a by product.
Tyrone: Me and the guys had a little man stew last night!
Jill: Oh my god.. I wish I would have been there, did you save me some!?
by Andro August 19, 2004
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