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To get down on your knees and put a large cock in your mouth.
My girl gave me such a malo last night.
by Sterling Reynolds November 29, 2007
24 73
Tongan for thanks
Malo man
by TheTonganNinja March 31, 2010
22 10
Tecnically meaning "bad" in spanish, this last name represents honour and integrity. Originaly from the city of St.Malo France.
"You can be such a Malo some times."
by Yanna May 23, 2007
49 40
M.ALO is typical slang in Philippino culture for despicable and vile members of the public that are known or suspected child molesters.
Don't let that guy around your kids; he is an M.ALO.
by Othello24 June 28, 2011
2 1
The fuhrer of Russia. This guy is so bad ass that with a single look he makes fags like I Shyat I drop to their knees and suck his fat penis.
Shyat: No!!! It's ma- *nomnomnomnomnom*
Malo: In soviet Russia, penis sucks you ;)
by The_Manshark May 25, 2010
12 13
the act of masturbating when you cannot play halo for some reason.
Ethan- Fuck my xbox died
by Radicalxx August 02, 2008
18 41