A girl around 5'5" with long dirty blonde hair likes getting really drunk at parties, often ends up peein her pants and sleeping in dog beds. Loved by Joey Zona. Has been arrested for egging houses. Quite the badass..
Bridgette: How was Chucks party last night?

Shiesty: It was good!! except for the part where i pulled a Mallory.
by Snowbunnie~ November 23, 2009
a lowlife wanna be, with no friends, the white of her eyes are blue, she thinks she is the shit and lies about EVERYTHING
look out, that girl is a total Mallory. She is gonna lie to you and try to be like you and try to steal all of your friends...

did you hear that girl trying to tell a joke? what a Mallory...
by mexiblack April 25, 2009
a grass fairy from argonaut
you are a mallory ha ha ha ha....
by pat_trap March 02, 2008
A compleat hore
She is shuch a mallory.
by The ???? March 03, 2009
A Mallory is a female with an extremely hairy vagina. This vagina is often mistakened for a bird's nest or a tangled ball of yarn.

I was going down on Mallory last night until a bird flew out of that vagina and almost pecked my eyes out!

by Chad Meister February 10, 2009
A type of nickname for a tungsten alloy used in the manufacture of counterweights in cars.
Jim used and odd type of slang, "Mallory" for tungsten when we told me about counterweights!
by yoshideath August 26, 2007
A very loose woman.
Harlot, whore, slut, and sometimes a bitch.
You are such a mallory
by tape_of_doom August 11, 2005

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