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The word coined by Landon Bryan (aka "Corpus") to describe the indescribable. The word “maligulous” is an adjective. It can also be used to represent a collection of adjectives. For example, if you find yourself in a situation where you are either at a loss for adjectives, the word “maligulous” would be substituted for any adjective(s) one would normally use to describe the situation, person, place or thing. The word “maligulous” would also be used in a situation where one would want to use a number of adjectives, but would like to describe the situation, person, place, or thing using only one word, instead of several adjectives.
The word "maligulous" can also be substituted with "maligulosity" when correct grammar permits.

1.) If you take a bite of a dish at a restaurant, and you don’t know if it tastes salty, sweet, bitter or sour, you can say, “This tastes maligulous”.

2.) If you are in a clothing store with your girlfriend and she asks you if the dress she has on makes her look fat, you can say “It looks maligulous on you!” and not get in trouble.

3.) There is a man named Charlie standing on the sidewalk. Charlie looks across the street and sees some nacho cheese and some curdled milk playing tetherball, but since the cheese and milk don’t have arms, they both lose. Charlie says, “Well, that was maligulous”.

4.) You are sitting in a Thai restaurant where you can cook your own food. You attempt to put a piece of beef into the cooking tray, located in the middle of the table. However, as you set the piece of beef down, your long sleeve catches fire from the overly lit burner. You then jerk back your arm to get it out of the flame, and in the process of doing so, you elbow the woman sitting next to you in the mouth with enough force to break 5 of her front teeth. The woman is in the middle of a sneeze at the time her teeth are dislodged from her gums, so she then sneezes and propels the broken teeth out of her mouth at 102 km/h. The teeth travel through the air and viciously pierce the leg of an unsuspecting waiter carrying a platter of Miso soup bowls. The waiter squeals in pain as he topples forward. The scalding Miso soup follows a ballistics trajectory and splashes down on the face of an unsuspecting rodeo clown. The Miso soup mixes with the Clown’s makeup to produce a potent form of corrosive acid, thus melting all of the skin off of the Clown’s face. The Clown and his steaming skull slump back in his chair motionless. Everyone inside the restaurant looks at the Clown is shocking disbelief and morbid terror. At this point in time, it would be appropriate to say out loud “Well, that was maligulous”.
by Corpus. April 13, 2008
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