Malibu coconut rum
Caribalou is 151 and Malibu rum and pineapple, so is this weakness your tryin' to sell me.
by Tech N9ne June 11, 2003
To perform the Malibu a person must insert there pinky finger into the anal cavity while using there thumb to stimulate the clitoris. As the thumb reaches maximum velocity it is recomended that the user states enthusiastically "Sweeeeeeeeet!" This move is energetic and entertaining for both partners and while similar to the ever popular "shocker" its complete and utter disregard for the vagina keeps the body guessing. Named and inspired by the Greatest American Gladiator to ever tease a mane of fabulous blonde hair, Malibu, we hope you enjoy this amazing new move!!
(Girl to all her friends the next day)

"Gary totally gave me the most excellent Malibu of my life last night! And I'm fine today!"
by Nick Shattuck September 07, 2007
Nickname for one who is very high manteneince, blond hair, doesn't care, extensions, loves getting tan, just wants to be pampered like the city of Malibu.
" I don't understand why Malibu KEEPS ON repainting her nails!"

" I know, she's a bitch"
by yeahyeahyeah12 December 23, 2009
horny. wanting sex. turned on.
Male: feeling bit malibu 2nite, fancy cumin round?
Female: if you're that malibu get ur arse round here!
by stripygreenjumper May 26, 2007
Kick ass night club in Maryland. Colleges welcomw.
I got drunk playing beer pong last night at Malibus.
by Dj Profit February 01, 2005
a way to alert ur friends of a hot girl nearby without letting her know u are looking.
"malibu!" adrian shouted as she walked by.
by nunurbiznaz June 25, 2005
Poor white boy who thinks he's black... and he goes 'round talk'n ebonics gringo style...
Hold up... Malibu is gonna get in his first fight... go Brian! Oh dude... Malibu kicked John's ass...
by Del-ve-na June 14, 2003
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