move a little faster
I thought I asked you to do that awhile ago, now you need to m.a.l.f. this time.
by T Mac September 08, 2010
Top Definition
A synonym of the "F-word." Used in a few Battletech novels and fiction.
What the malf are those mechs doing there????
by Molos May 04, 2005
to malfunction
I fucked my gf and now my cock is malfing!

My stupid keyboard is malfing hardcore!
by DJ Brownjackal February 14, 2011
Someone who has a face on them that is just asking to be punched!
Justin Bieber is such a little fucking Malf!
by jimmyjack1234 June 08, 2013
Move A Little Faster
Hey man, I dun told you what to do! You need to M.A.L.F. this time.
by T Mac February 28, 2008
An angry expression, taken from the name of a fiery re amlf beast. Not only used for battletech novels but for everyday life. Sometimes used instead of the 'f' word
What the malf is that malfing chav doing there?
Malf off you malfing malf!
What the malf?!
You malf, what did you go and do that up for? you totally malfed it up.
by the_dark_side_of_elmo April 22, 2006
malf, int.
An exclamation of excitement upon using a mushroom to turbo boost the speed of one's vehicle. (orig. Mario Kart: Double Dash).
TOAD. Mmmmalf!
by helium_raven June 04, 2004

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