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a person who comes from the state of kerala in india speaks malayalam.. a malayali loves watchin mohanlal movies drinks a lot and glorifies drinking despises the institution of marriage but follows it.. most malayalis are deeply religiuous and communists at the same time and they do not see the inherent paradox.. malayalis wear lungis. drink kallu a form of alcoholic toddy which is just plain awesome and eat porotta beef fry or kappa meen curry which is like cocaine for them.. all religions are represented in this state called Gods own country by many.. swami vivekananda correctly called it a madhouse.. and if u see a desi girl who is a christian she is most likely a malayali and these girls ar fkn hot..
i am a malayali and a thoyilali not an erappali u mothalali.. thats fkin malayalam

kerala has the highest literary rates in india.. says malayali
by fkndr June 24, 2010
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