1. Slang for taking a huge dump. In reference to the bizarre facial expressions sometimes needed to work out a deuce.
I'll be in the downstairs bathroom making faces.
by Mastershake5333 January 08, 2007
Top Definition
An alternative way to reference making out.
"I dunno what happened, I was talking to her then next thing I remember I was making face with her friend."

"Nah, we didn't do anything. Just made some face and passed out."
by kickiniteasy December 20, 2011
When someone is unable to comprehend/function/complete a task/action/situation properly due to inhibition from hallucinogenic drugs.

(When someone is girped on hallucinogenic drugs and a strange train of thought results in facial gestures to accompany rapidly changing emotions.)
At inn and out, when we got up to the cash register, I just decided to order for Sean as i could tell he was "making faces".
by Porcupusmarauder January 27, 2010
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