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When you are in a Canadian strip club and decide to pull a Pacman Jones and throw a garbage bag full of money in the air to show everyone how rich you are. Except you use Canadian $1 coins (loonie) instead of American $1 bills.

Man #1: That guy was really making it hail at the strip club the other night.

Man #2: Yea, I don't think that stripper will ever be able to see out of her left eye again.

Man #1: True, but the $20,000 she made should cover her medical bills.
by TMoney and MBillz November 22, 2007
Substituting one dollar coins instead of dollar bills to make it rain.
Bro 1: Bro! What is that stripper all bloody and unconscious?

Bro 2: Bank only gave me the new dollar coins and I've been making it hail.
by revrevrevrev August 16, 2012
When a pan-handler takes his or her daily earning to the strip club and empting the contects of their cup by first positioning the cup toward the stage, then pulling back, then finishing with a forward trusting movement while maintaing a firm grip on the cup.
Making it Hail, 'Yall!
by The Hail Maker October 12, 2011

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