a bunch of guys and girls drinking cheap beer and playing drinking games in a dorm room.
yo dude lets go chill at a makeshift party and drink cheap beer.
by ktmo October 05, 2008
Top Definition
a temporary substitute.
"Yeah, my bowl broke so I had to buy some alluminum."
by Arogarn January 15, 2005
Adj: Something that has been made/put together in a non-conventional way, but can expand past the bounds of "Jerry-Rig" For example, one would not use "Jerry-rig" when describing the quality of their food.

Something that has been put together at such a low cost, it doesn't turn out like the original directions.

Something that is not quite right and low quality.

Commonly used in replacement of Jerry-rig or sketchy
This is kind of a Makeshift town

Time to make some Makeshift Mac and cheese

We didn't have a couch so we bought a makeshift one from a thrift store
by Frizbeeaj October 29, 2010
an alternative to actually puchasing something. made from anything at hand.
the bong made from a juice box was make shift as it used items meant for another purpose
by scroogle September 09, 2003
A temporary substitute or device.
"arranging a row of chairs to form a makeshift bed"
by @sasa_da_gal July 20, 2016
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