making love- two lovers expressing their compassion for each other through physical means... aka sex
My girlfriend and I dont fuck, we make love.

Every Friday I make love to my wife of 20 years.
by Hot Lips 17 May 26, 2009
When very disgusting, soppy, romantic things happen e.g. kissing (ugh) hugging (Oh, FUCK! I'm gonna BARF) and sex (RETCH).

It is an absolute fuckin' disgrace. Why can't we clone people instead of havin' sex and annoyin' babies?
Jess: "Hey Soren, why do you think the term 'make love is so soppy?"
Soren: "It's not my bag. It's NOT."
Jess: "Why not?"
Soren: "It's DISGUSTING."
Jess: "What makes it disgusting?"
Soren: "Spit exchange."
by Wolfy Watkins July 05, 2006

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