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dude it wasnt even a kiss more of a peck on the cheek and aloce was gonna give us gum so it's perfectly justified besides, im andy the one who recieved the kiss
*dances* jeff kissed me
by Maybe i'll tell you maybe i wont January 21, 2005
No love, actually that was me. Not Andy nor Jeff.

Welcome to The Purple Slushies hit list Miss Erin. We're glad to have you :)
by Anti-Christ January 11, 2005
Make out table,noun,the table at kjhs in front iof the PI wing where alice was giving out gum and she said that if ma and jeff kissed than we would get gum and jeff wouldnt let me actually kiss him so i bnacked off and he kissed my cheek
a wooden picnic table at a school where goth boys kiss
by yesh i am andy January 25, 2005
oh i guess that was jeffs thumbs down. say youre sorry, jeff.
sorry andy i love you
by erin January 10, 2005

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