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A racial slur for dark skinned people which is equivalent to calling them "monkey". It is a misspelling of "macaca", a genus of monkeys which includes the rhesus and macacque, or is a misspelling based on a mispronounciation of macaque, a species in that genus of monkey. It is often used in America to describe dark skinned people other than those of African ancestry, such as south Indian or Pakistani, while in other parts of the world refers to all dark skinned people.
In a southern state US political meeting, of people who might typically have a dixie flag in their office, the speaker notices a dark skinned person who is not a servant or otherwised authorized to be there, and asks, "What is that makaka doing here?"
by EricDiesel1 September 01, 2006
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An undefinable racist slur used by Virgina's canditates for positions in the U.S. government.
Look at this makaka, he isn't even a citizen yet.
by Ever C August 16, 2006
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