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Any thing! Anything at all. Somtimes replacing a word you can't think of.
Yo dude, pass me that..uhhhh............ majigger.
by Rickmeister March 16, 2004
1) The term short for thing-a-ma-jigger that indicates an object whose name is either not necessary in the context or not remembered by the speaker.
2) A low-profile jig that Mick Jagger does when he wakes up on a sunny morning that promises to by a good day.
1) Hey, pass me that... umm.. majigger over there please.

2) No footage has actually been taken of him doing the majigger, but I swear it exists.
by PerpetualOrganization February 28, 2012
a word that can simultaneously let the person your talking to know:
a) that you don't know what your trying to say
b) a word or name escapes your memory
c) your not afraid to sound silly

use it to describe a person who's in a room with you if you don't want them to know your talking smack. use it to tell someone what to bring you (while pointing or gesturing of course). or use it when your just not shure what to do.
. i can't believe she showed up with... you know, "ma jigger".

. can you grab me the... uh... yeah... your right next to it.... that.... ma jigger right there.

. and professor, in answer to your question, this ma jigger here, connects to that ma jigger there, in a way that ma jiggers do, and yeah. end of story. do i pass?
by cherie ann June 13, 2007
whatchamacallit, watchamajigger, thingamajigger, thingy, thingamacallit, whatsit, supercalifragilisticexpialidocity
Hand me that 'majigger Phred.
by miso November 26, 2003
verb (majiggered, majiggering, majiggers) - to monkey around with something--usually when you don't really know what you're doing. Comes from the word thingamajigger, where 'majigger' is the function of the 'thing' you're talking about. The unknown/strange action for the unknown/strange object.
The time machine I bought on ebay wasn't working, so I had to majigger with the flux capacitor thing to get it working.

Dude: What does that thing do?
Dudette: It majiggers stuff.
by krazykoryp October 24, 2012

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