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Something that the greedy capitalist scum fucks at the top of our unsustainable corporate culture have bought out.
COUNTRY MUSIC! used to be about working people, now its about BULLSHIT. HIP HOP AND RAP, used to be about african american culture and showing the world what it is like being black in america. Now it is about bling, bitches and money because the music industry thinks they can make more money selling shit that will perpetuate stereotypes rather than smash them. Nashville, Branson, Memphis, hip hop and rap have undergone mainstreaminization.
by Farris S July 10, 2008

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When things that were cool. Until they got into the limelight and became victims of mainstreaninization.
Did you hear System of a down were victims of mainstreaminization.
by 1337 lord October 06, 2006