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Maimoona is a muslim girl who is the complete opposite of her religion. She will not smoke or drink but she will steal from a dollar store. She is completely her own self and she mixes her fashions. Also, she freaks out about things.
britt- "im gonna smoke this cigarette"
maimoona- "noooo! lets go tag a creek instead"
by guyluvr September 12, 2010
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Maimoona is a girl who is quite emotional but at the same time enthusiastic, passionate, loving and so very intelligent. She is a dying heart animal lover. She is responsible and knows how to do her work. Challenging her might be a problem for u because even at first she couldn't be able to do that but now she definitely would because according to her u have underestimated her. She has a potential of doing something big but just only needs a spark.
by maimoona September 18, 2016
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