mahmut is a turk who sits infront of hes pc and plays runescape 16 hours of hes day while eating hes mom sarma rolls. mehmets sometimes thing there the most powerfull and they are allways in debt
john: ughh my life sucks i hate it

debby: hey at least its not like MAHMUTS LIFE
by pseudonymaa July 26, 2008
Top Definition
A man who has vast knowledge and wants to share it with you. He is extremely intelligent but never arrogant about it! He wants to be easily understood. He has this way of making you laugh when he tells the nerdiest jokes and his laugh is also funny! :) He is genuine and kind. He has this adorable way of being awkwardly shy, but making you blush even more! He has compassion and will look out for the underdog. He is generally interested in science, history, literature and religion. You will cherish him because he is unforgettable!
I could learn a lot from Mahmut
by AstronomyGirl June 03, 2014
A very wide muscular man that is very attractive and is very smooth when talking to the ladies most importantly he is known for having a large penis specifically 9 inches
Me: damn bro look at John hes swole!

friend: pshh hes nothing compared to Mahmut will put the beats on him anyday

me: word
by slimshady69 May 31, 2012
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