a benefit whore who listens to miley cyrus, justin beiber, spice girls and claims that they are his sister's song on this ipod..

he is also a massive twat.
he has a nappy on his head !
Man 1: Whats that on his head?
Man 2: On shit its a nappy
Man 1: Lol, He is a Maheep !!!
by noone123123 May 20, 2010
Maheep fullfills every possible sexual need that a woman could ever desire with a minuscule amount of effort. Maheep is truly a master of sexy time.
Maheep made me scream in orgasmic fury last night, I'm still shaking in complete aw. He is truly one crazy ass sex god. Maheep is dream of every girl. Maheep makes sure girl orgasm every they have sex with him. Once you go his way there is no looking back.
Girl 1 - I wish a perfect man

Girl 2 - Oh better ask for Maheep
by bB925 October 29, 2014

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