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A norwegian term for:
- Getting too drunk, pinching girls asses, spending all your cash etc
- Having a very bad headache the day after a party, and puking all over the toilet
1. Oh my god, im so embarrased, i pulled a magne at the disco yesterday!
2. Im sorry i couldnt make it, was at a party on saturday, and Ive been too magne ever since
by polayahludt December 13, 2005
1. noun, what one calls his or her friend (usually male), in an informal conversation. Variation on man/mang.
Rhymes with: Champagne

2. interjection, used to acknowledge another's presence when unsure of his/her name.
1. Billy: My dome piece hurts from all the hyphy music.
Juan: Damn, magne. That's a shame.

2. Geoffrey: Hey, Jesus! I haven't seen you in soooo long!
Jesus: Hey, magne, I don't even know you.

by Pato Guapo August 31, 2008