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A norwegian term for:
- Getting too drunk, pinching girls asses, spending all your cash etc
- Having a very bad headache the day after a party, and puking all over the toilet
1. Oh my god, im so embarrased, i pulled a magne at the disco yesterday!
2. Im sorry i couldnt make it, was at a party on saturday, and Ive been too magne ever since
by polayahludt December 13, 2005
Synonymous with sexy beast, and sensible lover. A person named Magne is most often found in Company with hot mums, and their huge equipment is perfect for banging milfs.

Magne has the strenght of a bull and endurance of a well trained ethiopian. Skills which come in handy for the stuff he does atleast two times a day.

Everyone named Magne has killed atleast one bear with his bare hands and lives off the nature.
Magne is a name most popular in the 1930's becaus there were more worthy and hardcore people back in the day. Today only a few people are worthy of the old legendary name.
"Magne was with my mom yesterday. No need to say what happened."
"I wish I could be like Magne!"
"I wish I could have Magne!"
by eriaso_torskaru November 21, 2014
1. noun, what one calls his or her friend (usually male), in an informal conversation. Variation on man/mang.
Rhymes with: Champagne

2. interjection, used to acknowledge another's presence when unsure of his/her name.
1. Billy: My dome piece hurts from all the hyphy music.
Juan: Damn, magne. That's a shame.

2. Geoffrey: Hey, Jesus! I haven't seen you in soooo long!
Jesus: Hey, magne, I don't even know you.

by Pato Guapo August 31, 2008
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