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Inspired by the popular 1970s magnetic drawing toy the Magna Doodle (henceforth MDood), a magna-stache is a mustachio that circles the mouth and chin, with a small bare spot between the chin and lower lip. The bare spot, in addition to gray hairs from a salt and pepper gray/dark hair distribution, represents the white space on Magna Doodles. The dark hairs represent the scattered magnetic particles on the MDood.

Similar, but not related to the magnum-stache that Magnum P.I. sported in the TV show of the same name.
Q: Did you see that guys facial hair?

A: Huh?
Q: That guy either had a magna doodle implanted onto his face or he was simply showing off his magna-stache
A: oh right, viva la magna-stache!!
by Gummerz Returnz August 06, 2009
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