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(a play on the overused/abused new-age pseudo-spiritual term "manifest")

The practice of focusing all your mental energy so intensely and so powerfully on something that you desire so strongly that you actually accomplish... thinking about it.
Last night, I brought out my fav 15 amethyst power crystals, laid them on my floor in the pattern of eternal truth along with their sage and incense counterparts. Then, I performed my normal goddess ceremony which included 18 minutes of Buddhist chanting and intermittent weeping. Finally, I was ready. I entered into the lotus pose, closed my eyes, pushed out the monkey mind, and... began to mafinest. It came slowly at first and then... BOOM... I did it: I mafinested my new self, my new life, my new everything. I am so excited about my... *sob*... future.
by hello world champion October 08, 2011

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