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a term of endearment for those named "matthew"

these people usually listen to rap music and may pretend to be of african american origin even though they may not actually be black.

these people also like to sleep during inappropriate hours.
A: I really hope Maffyew comes to my tennis match!

B: come on, he's probably asleep.

A: yo i'ma be mad tight if dat shit doesn't download. it's takin a minute shiiiit

B: come on maffyew, you're spanish not colored.
by thicknessZzZ November 04, 2010
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The better version of a normal Matthew. Should you meet a Matthew who saves lives, is great in bed, cures diseases, prints money... or any other outstanding deeds he is a Maffyew not a Matthew
"I hear you're new boyfriends name is Matthew"

"No, he is a Maffyew" - with a wink
by Jenoir April 05, 2010

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