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1. originally used to describe angry and blood thirsty cows in the early 1980's when it was not uncommon for a bovine to become incensed by the slaughtering of its bretheren.
2. Now madmadmoomoos is more commonly used to describe your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.
3. Can also be applied to cool leather shoes, only the coolest though.
1. "Jebediah look out for the madmadmoomoos on your ass, they look angry, run Jebs run!!"
2. "damn Milton my madmadmoomoos keeps callin me up asking for her pink stilettoes back, dayumn girrrrrl"
3. "hey those some madmadmoomoos you rockin' Papa Duck, payuuuuuuuce"
by grando el pizza May 22, 2004
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