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Madlyn is a type of women who is hot, But also has a personality. A madlyn is able to make people laugh, yet drool at the same time. Madlyns tend to be hilarious, very fashionable, fun, smart, amusing, someone you want to bang, yet talk with. Pretty much the perfect catch. Although a “madlyn” is hot, she is also into video games, action movies, comic books and great music, she’s good with the "guy friends". A madlyn is a hot, ACTUALLY funny girl, there is about 6 in the whole world.
guy # 1: "...and she made me laugh."

guy # 2: " man, its to bad shes not hot."

guy # 1: "SHE IS!"

guy # 2: "DUDE!, she must be a madlyn, your a lucky bitch"
by JordanShmitt January 07, 2007
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Large Marge, fat, fuggly, no one likes her.
by PigBag January 31, 2016
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