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One that is realy stupid.
"you'r just like an mades"
by xar January 10, 2005
The worst show on television. See garbage
Did you see that episode of made on MTV last night? It sucked!
1. Past tense of the verb "to make", meaning, "to create, manufacture, or deign".
2. Can also, in a few cases, be used to mean "received".
by Der Capitan March 11, 2004
a clothing line owned by the twin brothers from Good Charlotte, Benji and Joel Madden.
"Nice MADE shirt!"
by dan April 15, 2004
to have what you want
MTV program Made
"I wanna be Made"
by laura W November 12, 2003
had sex with
"I made her last night"
by Dana Mix August 17, 2003