(Ives) An intelligent brunette with serious relationship issues and very unpredictable moods. Synonyms: random, alcoholic.
Damn dude, did you see Maddison make out with that English dude last night? She was soo out of it.
by Keith's Cunt Book November 17, 2008
smart beautiful always giving anything a go cares way to much for other people and has a new beautiful hairstyle every week. always laughing and mucking about!
by jaguardice February 03, 2010
An extremely intelligent brunette, who values her education more than boys. Maddison appreciates nature and loves animals. A performer, who always wants to be front and center, as the star of the show. Maddisons tend to be talented actresses and dancers and committed to school. She stands up for what she believes is right. Maddison is always looking to please others (whom she looks up to). Maddisons are talkative, fun, sensitive, gorgeous, loyal friends, nice, intuitive, determined, strong-willed, persistent, loving, creative, smart, and natural leaders.
Maddison is a great friend, she's always there for me.
Maddison always gets the highest grade.
Maddison always gets the lead roles.
by Noel96 March 25, 2011
A Maddison gives good head and hand jobs
Wow you should hit maddison up for some head.. she's amazing!
by xreallife101 October 13, 2014
Mark and Addison, the most amazing ship you will ever find.
Dude! Maddison is sooooo happening!
by merder January 03, 2012
a person, most likely a girl loving a fat little kid who loves to eat cake. most of the time glaring and stalking not making any contact, looking suspicious
"oh look it's a girl staring at a fat kid eating cake....must be a maddison"
by a person2009 January 27, 2009
A loud,flirtacious,weird blonde person who has a love-hate relationship with Josh,is a heaps wickedly loyal friend and smells really bad.
You want some SpEciAL chocolate?
by Elyce and Maddles March 09, 2004

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