An incredible amount of something
I got a mad ass refund this year!
by listen-to-da-b August 17, 2003
Top Definition
A word you use instead of the word badass, when you think something is enormously cool
It can also be used in situations thats are dare or evil.

(For make it even cooler , place the word "fucking" before the using phrase)
Damn marer! That skateboard trick was fucking madass!!


Person A: Lets rob Bill Gates parking meter
Person B: No fucking way! he´s FBI-SWAT team would kill us, it would have been really madass though.
by Marer October 29, 2007
A nickname for someone who farts like mad. A serial farter.
Not me! I'm a mad-ass
by Mad-Ass-moody4 February 13, 2011
When someone or something is both badass, and crazy as fuck.
Dude 1: My teacher gave me an F so i burnt the school down!
Dude 2: Man, thats Madass!
by fuckdapo June 18, 2011
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