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A Seattle super group, lead by Layne Staley, lead singer of alice in chains, Mike McCready on guitarsPearl Jam,Martin Barrett on drumsScreaming Trees, and "Baker" on bass.

The group only produced one album "ABOVE". Had some really great songs such as : Wake Up and River of Deceit.
Mad Season is fucking awesome.

RIP Layne =(
by Rex Everything April 30, 2006
1. English slang describing rare time that magic mushrooms grow.

2. A Grunge Supergroup formed around 1995 and consisted of Layne Staley (Vocals, Lyrics;Alice In Chains), Mark Lanegan (Backing Vocals ; Screaming Trees), Barret Martin (Drums ; Screaming Trees), Mike McReady (Guitar, Pearl Jam) and J.B Sounders (Bass ; Various Jazz Bands). The band has released one terrific LP and one EP
1. it's a fucking mad season, as I went out to the woods i've discovered some magic mashrooms.

by :< August 25, 2008
Matchbox Twenty's second album
Did Matchbox Twenty use Mad Season, the band, as an inspiration for their album of the same name?
by Karen Stickney October 03, 2007
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