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Another way of saying "oh, snap!", "awesome!", or "sweet!"
Jeff: Did you see the game last night man?!
Dave: yea it was mad crazy!
by Deven Young September 04, 2005
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meaning hell cool. or unexpected cool tricks/jumps/sayings.
dude, your jump was madcrazy,
by 3MARII! August 21, 2009
Term originated after Afropop's star Rotimo Soul that means people that do not dance when the music is upbeat.
Dude, Why are you not dancing, are you mad crazy?!
by dantheman2 May 25, 2012
1. Mad crazy because you are drunk and high at the same time.

2. Falling down five times after mad drinking and smoking weed.

1. Dude, we were mad crazies at that movie, I forgot what it was about!

2. Owen was mad crazies all over the place at the movie theatre.
by Matt the Fat July 06, 2006
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