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To participate in deviant sexual activities such as the alabama hot pocket and the superman.
Dude, I heard they mactavished all night, what perverts!

Yeah, they've been mactavishing again.
#sex #naughty #pervert #activities #gross
by Otto VonBismark May 16, 2008
Top Definition
n. The process of having sex with a girl without the use of a condom. Named after hockey player Craig MacTavish, who is famous for being the last hockey player in the NHL to play without wearing a helmet.
Al: Yo man I heard you MacTavished that broad last night.
Rando: Yeah playa I bare backed her.
#condom #rat trick #ballsac #whorebag #hershey highway
by Catauro July 23, 2006
Craig MacTavish was the last player in NHL history to not wear a helmet. Therefore, anyone having sex without wearing a condom is going "MacTavish".
I was so drunk last night, I went MacTavish with this girl I met at the bar. This morning I was scrubbing my balls for 45 minutes.
#mactavish #nhl #condom #sex #bar
by ChristopherOsburn April 11, 2008
when you have sex with a girl without wearing a condom.

Craig MacTavish was known for being the last NHL player to play without a helmet.
James: I got laid last night.
Trevor: You animal. Did you wear a condom?
James: No - I gave her the ol' mactavish
Trevor: Remind me not to have sex with any of your x-girlfriends. I will probably get aids.
#mactavish #the mactavish #the mact #the craig mactavish #the craig mctavish #mctavish
by tborg poppodopillus April 10, 2009
1. verb, having sex without a condom.
2. John Mactavish, the biggest badass in call of duty 4.
3. verb, undergoing a series of harmfull and/or violent actions, which should have killed you, but instead you survive. called like this because of above mentioned John Mactavish, and what happened to him at the end of cod 4.
i don't have a condom, so i'll just go mactavish.

guy #1: he got hit by three cars and survived it!
guy #2: he pulled a mactavish!
#condom #sex #call of duty #modern warfare #modern warfare 2
by lalliman March 06, 2011
The last name of the British SAS soldier in Call of Duty 4.
Mactavish, get on that turret.
#soap #mactavish #penis #vagina #rawr
MacTavish - to screw a girl without a condom

*note* Rick MacTavish was the last North American professional hockey player to play without a protective helmet, having signed his first pro contract just before helmets were made mandatory for all new players.
"Yo, I hit that shit MacTavish last night"


"She's hot but she's been around. I wouldn't hit that shit Mactavish if I were you."
#rick mactavish #tav-style #te'te doggystumson #tavbox #mick tavnasty
by Rally Durham October 04, 2005
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