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A tribal form of ritual fuming involving either the grinding of seal testicles into a powder smoked in an elephant ivory pipe, or, speaking of elephants, the rectal rim of an elephant calf that has been blended and treated into a rubber-paste, burned to ash, then rehydrated and smoked in a cigarette.
a: "Jesus, you're gonna maclin? I thought that killing seals was bad!"

b: "I just ship in elephant rectum en mass so that I can do it and keep my job as an environmentalist
by Isidore2daMax January 30, 2012
Maclin is a rare form of male. A male that all women want but few can have because their is not enough to go around. If you currently possess a Maclin keep him close. A Maclin most likely possesses these traits sexy jaw line, can speak multiple languages, large penis, hair that makes women wet and has a sexy gaze to him.
Annies new boyfriend is extremely hot almost looks like he could be s Maclin
by 48083 October 01, 2014
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